Our Eastside History


Bible Classes: 9:30pm | Worship Service: 10:30am | Small Groups: 5:30pm | Wednesday Night Service: 7pm

In July 1953, it was learned that a church building at 2505 college avenue went for sale. Interested parties secured the details, then all pertinent information was brought before the elders and trustees of the two existing churches of Christ congregations meeting at 5th Avenue and McKeen street and 5th Avenue and 14th street. It was unanimously agreed that the property should be purchased with the view of establishing another congregation on the east side of town. Each congregation contributed and an amount was borrowed in order to purchase the property. 

The new congregation, known as the College Avenue Church of Christ, first met on May 9th, 1954, with a total 53 charter members. When attendance reached the capacity of this building, 150 members, a new location was sought, and land was purchased at our current location on College Avenue and Fruitridge. A building fund was started and raised $70,000, and a new building was constructed. The first worship service held was December 2, 1962. 

In 1967, we again grew to almost capacity, and on May 7th we started to have two Sunday morning services. Total attendance that day was 267. Between 1967 and 1990, attendance has fluctuated up and down as we have had members start new congregations on the northwest side of town and in Kansas City, MO, or move on to other positions in other cities or pass away. In 1990, our attendance had grown to about 80% of auditorium capacity, so another building fund was started to construct a larger auditorium with a seating capacity of 400, offices, and additional classrooms. The old auditorium was converted into a nice fellowship hall. On Easter Sunday, 1993, we held our first worship service in our new auditorium. Through the years Eastside has been involved in various mission fields in Sweden, Taiwan, India, Thailand, and Panama. We have also been involved in domestic ministries such as Camp Wabashi, Schults-Lewis Child and Family Services, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Kids Hope USA, our own benevolent ministry programs, our college campus ministry, men's and women's jail and prison ministries, our Senior Seeker ministry, and others.  

The Preachers who have served at Eastside are:

  • M.F. Cottrell 1954-1959
  • Gene Carrell 1959-1964
  • Matthew Morrison 1964-1968
  • Doug Jones 1968-1971
  • Ray Hardin 1971-1974
  • Willis Rush 1974-1978
  • Verlon Harp 1978-1983
  • Abe Miller 1983-2009
  • Coy Sidell 2009-2015
  • Matt Carver 2015 - 2020
  • James Coker - 2020-2022
  • Jon Smith - 2022-Present

The College Campus Ministers that have served Eastside are:

  • Greg Jackson 1979-1985
  • Mark Strahm 1985-1990
  • Gerry Binford 1990-1995
  • Mike Cloyd 1995-1997
  • Ken Grubb 1997-2003

The Youth Ministers that have served Eastside are:

  • John Rowley 1985-1987
  • Peter Reed 1990-2010
  • Rusty Jordan 2011-2015
  • Josh Morford 2016-2021